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What do we offer at Audiowild?


Commercial Studio Recording

Private Event Rentals

Mobile Audio Recording

DJ & Emcee Services

Voiceover Recording

Audio Mixing & Editing

Live Performance Space

Concert Live-Streaming

VIP Meet-And-Greets

Home Studio Consulting

Live Concert Recording

Audio Mastering Services

Band Rehearsal Space

EPKs & Demo Recording

Audio Equipment Rental



 Audiowild Studios is intended to be a safe place for all who attend and the events that are held in this space are meant to transcend the typical nighttime outing in Idyllwild.  We are available for private rentals as well. Our space is a very singular phenomenon for Idyllwild and we excitedly encourage everyone to join us in this harmonious experiment.



RECORDING: Current rates are $45/hr, $175/four hour block, $350/full eight hour day.

REHEARSALS: $35/hr, some backline available.

If you'd like to schedule something, please use the contact form below. Thank you!




What is Audiowild Studios?

Deep in the San Jacinto Mountains you will find the town of Idyllwild, California. It's a well-known destination for hiking and rock climbing enthusiasts but also known for its music festivals, local artists and many local musicians. Until now, there hasn't been a commercial recording studio in Idyllwild. Many talented producers have home studios, but Audiowild Studios is located directly in the middle of town center and within walking distance of all that Idyllwild has to offer.

The studio is owned and operated by local producer and musician, Brian Parnell. He is also the Event Coordinator of the Idyllwild Strong Benefit Festival and was President of Young Idyllwild Inc, a local nonprofit organization. Brian is also known for playing guitar and singing for the hard rock trio Throw The Goat, producing and releasing music on his own label Regurgitation Records.